Trends come and go, but sometimes too fast. Whatever happened to the dab? One second everyone’s doing it, the next they say “oh-em-gee! That’s such CRINGE!!!!!1”

Do people still do bottle flips? I remember them. People did them in crazy places; e.g. off the Empire State Building, off a missile. Maybe.

Now, what is the deal with emoji? They’re pictures. So why is there an Emoji Movie, Emoji books, Emoji cushions? What if the whole emoji thing was a mistake? What if the guy who came up with the idea of the Emoji Movie decided to email a friend about it and tried to type “an emotional movie”, before spelling it wrong, therefore his godforsaken autocorrect changed it to “Emoji”? Bam. Email sent.

To think that if we had just stayed in the stupid trees all this time, the madness that is modern trends never would have happened.

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