WATCH_DOGS is free on uPlay right now

So, this is an odd way to start writing for an empty blog, untouched for years, but, you know, what the hell.

I’m Luke. Welcome to Last Person Shooter.

I recently checked the Ubisoft news and was surprised to see that you can currently get WATCH_DOGS, one of my favouriteĀ games of all time, for free.

And people ask me why I play PC.

Now, don’t get me wrong, console gaming is good in a lot of ways, but, personally, I prefer a keyboard to a controller.

Aaaanyhoo, many people hate WATCH_DOGS for a number of reasons. I do not understand this at all. In my opinion, the storytelling is awesome, in many ways just as good as, say, GTA V. One thing GTA V didn’t have, of course, was the hacking.

The hacking in WATCH_DOGS made a perfect open world. You could hack pretty much anything. Find out about someone’s frequent browser searches. Need to stop a train at a place where there isn’t a stop? Hack it. Don’t like the brightness of the helicopter light shining on you for some reason? Hack it. Want to know how big an explosion that nearby soldier’sĀ grenade would make if it exploded on his belt? Hack it. Don’t like the shitty music playing constantly on the radio? Hack it.

Of course, there are some downsides. The driving and parkour could have been better, and that AI is just horrible.

Along with that, there is the matter of uPlay instead of Steam. But if you love hacking and Assassin’s Creed, then try it. It’s free ’til Nov 13. Enjoy.

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